Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

These are such a fun cookie. Totally different from other cookies out there. My girls wanted to make these for a  friend who was having his birthday. So, we whipped them up and took some over and sang Happy Birthday to him. He thought they were the best cookies. They are very rich, but they sure are yummy.

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies
1 chocolate cake mix
1/2 cup shortening butter-flavored
2 eggs
12-18 large marshmallows ~ cut in half

In a large mixing bowl combine cake mix, eggs and shortening.  Mix till well combines. Drop batter by the tablespoon onto a non-greased baking sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until cookies appear done, but centers are still soft. 

While cookies are baking, cut marshmallows in half. When cookies have baked for the 8-10 minutes, remove pan from oven and place a marshmallow half on top of each cookies. Press down gently.. Return pan to over and back for 2-3- more minutes. Till marshmallows are puffy. Remove pan and let cookies sit on baking sheet for 2 minutes. Right after pulling from over, press marshmallows down a little to flatten them. Repeat precess to all cookies and marshmallows. 

When cookies are fully cooled, frost with Chocolate Cream Frosting.

Chocolate Cream Frosting
1/2 cup butter ~ melted
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup evaporated milk
1 1/2 pounds powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Combine powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Mix till well blended. Slowly add in melted butter, vanilla, and evaporated milk. Beat on medium high till smooth, light and fluffy. Add more powdered sugar if necessary. Add frosting to piping back or frost with knife.

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