Monday, June 20, 2011

Caesar Chicken Wraps

{Same as previous picture} These are so simple.  A perfect dish for summer.  The only cooking that is needed it for the chicken.  I never measure or record what seasonings I put on cut chicken when I am doing stuff like this.  I just grab seasonings that sound good to me at the moment and go for it! Plus, this is another great dish for those nights of "I'm too tired to even think of cooking."

Caesar Chicken Wraps 
3 chicken breasts ~ cut into strips
caesar salad dressing
parmesan cheese

Season chicken to liking and cook/grill.  If you are cooking inside, cut into strips, if you are grilled obviously cut after cooked. Cut lettuce and romaine {enough to feed everyone}.  Add in dressing and parmesan cheese and mix well.  Put a little salad into tortilla and add in a couple chicken strips.  Roll up and cut in half.

{Variation: if you don't want to be left with left over mixed salad, just make everything the same, but do not add dressing.  Dip wrap in dressing instead.}

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