Monday, June 20, 2011

Snicker Salad

Such a fun and yummy summer salad.  It has so many different textures and flavors that all compliment each other.  It is great! There are so many different fruits you can put into this to give it your own spin.  I even throw some mandarin oranges in mine at times.  I have a cousin that got the recipe from me and she adds bananas and strawberries. If you like fruit and snickers candy bars ... you will love this.

Snicker Salad
5 granny smith apples ~ cut into bite sized pieces
12 oz. cool whip
1 large can crushed pineapple ~ drained
6-7 regular sized snicker bars ~ chopped into bite sized pieces
1/2-1/4 cup peanuts

Mix all ingredients together.  Add peanuts just before serving. {If salad isn't going to get finished, serve peanuts on the side.  The go soggy sitting in left overs}

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