Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homemade Hamburgers

We buy all our meat from a local butcher.  I love it.  The meat is so much better and I know that it is local.  We just order huge lots of meat about every 6-8 months.  Each time the lots have different amounts in them.  All depending on what we need more of. We are not big fans of the frozen burger patties. So we make our own! 

One pound of hamburger will get you 4-5 good sized burger patties. {remember they always shrink when grilling them, so make them a little bigger then you want.} When my husband {love that my man knows the kitchen too!}gets ready to form the patties, he will put all the meat in a bowl and in some seasonings.  Every time we make patties, the seasonings change.  Here are some things that we use or have used in the past.

Dehydrated onions
Garlic powder
Creole Seasoning
Season Salt
Italian Seasoning

We just open the seasoning cupboard and grab what sounds good, smells good our would taste good and add a little to the meat. Then just make sure ya get it mixed really well.  Then just shape you burger patties and get grilling!

{These are of course uncooked patties from the other night}

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