Wednesday, July 20, 2011


With just the title, I am sure many of you are thinking "What in the world!?" Well with summer being here, it means ... swimming, camping, bon fires, smores', dough boys, movies out side and so much more!  We have all had our share of smores' this season.  Whether it be the traditional way or ones spiced up with some of our favorites ~ peanut butter cups, carmelo bars, grasshopper cookies, even an occasional flavored marshmallow now and then, etc.

Well here, we love doing fires in the pit in the back and having all those roasted treats.  But recently we have been introduced to Woo-Em's by my husband Aunt.  They are so fun and such a different camp fire treat. First you need these roasting sticks....

We have 4 of them.  {If you would like information on how to make them, leave a comment with your email or if you are known friend/family member, contact us email or phone.} Then gather up your ingredients and have a Woof-Em Party! We have had these a few times this summer and everyone has loved them. These are a never fail treat. This past weekend, we did it with some friends and we had Raspberry filling.  Then for pudding we had Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Cream and Lemon.  Sweet Goodness.

1 container refrigerated biscuits {Homestyle works the best}
1 can of pie filling ~ flavor of choice
a couple different puddings ~ flavors of choice
1 can of Redi Whip
Cooking Spray

Spray roaster stick with cooking spray {the large round end}.  Then take one biscuit and put large end of roasting stick in center of biscuit and wrap around. {We use half a biscuit, then it isn't so thick.}  Roast biscuit till it is fully cooked - you don't want any gooey parts.  Put a scoop of pie filling in bottom of roasted biscuit, top with  scoop of pudding and top off with cool whip.  

These can get messy, so have napkins ready!  

*A couple tips on roasting the biscuit .... 
The thinner the biscuit the easier it cooks.
Cook over coals so it doesn't burn ~ you want it golden.
Make sure you press it firm around the sprayed roaster, you want to it stick and not fall off when cooking.

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Wendy said...

These look great! I'm going to attempt to make some of these myself. Any hints or tips?