Monday, July 4, 2011

Stawberry Lime Smoothie

My mother in law introduced me to these and they are totally a favorite of mine.  They are one of the easiest drinks/desserts you could do on short notice or just for something different.  Plus, as we all know ... Lime is a huge favorite of mine.  I have never had anything with lime that I didn't like. 

Strawberry Lime Smoothies
1 pint lime sherbet ~ softened
1 can (6oz) frozen limeade ~ thawed
1 cup strawberries ~ cut
2-3 cups milk 

Blend together ice cream and milk.  Add in limeade and strawberries, blend till well mixed. 

How simple is that!?  The more limeade you put in, the stronger the lime is.  You can add more strawberries if you want the strawberries to power the flavor more.

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