Monday, May 9, 2011

Chocolate Mousse Cake

This cake seriously looks like so much time was spent on it, but really ..... it was a piece of cake to do.  {No pun intended} The chocolate mousse can be used in desserts or it can be put into little cups & eaten by itself.  Delicious.  I made this for my mother in law & grandmother in law for mother's day.  It was a great treat.  This exact cake, with a few changes, has been made as a birthday cake in the past.  Instead of heath chips & letting the hot fudge run down the cake, "spread" the hot fudge all over the cake & then line the bottom of the cake with fresh strawberries. Very very yummy.

Chocolate Mousse Cake
1 devils food cake mix
1 recipe Chocolate Mousse ~ below
1/3 cup Heath Chips
1 jar Mrs. Richardson's Hot Fudge

Mix cake mix as directed on box.  Divide batter into 2 round oiled & floured cake pans.  Bake cake as directed on box.  Flip cakes out of pans immediately after baking.  Let cool completely.  Place one cake on serving plate & spread chocolate mousse onto cake & stake other round cake on top of mousse.  Heat hot fudge up.  Make sure it isn't extremely hot {Too hot & it will "melt" the mousse}.  Dump hot fudge over top of cake.  You can either "spread" fudge over all of cake or just let is run down by itself.  Top with Heath chips or fresh strawberries. 

Chocolate Mousse
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup real butter ~ room temperature
9 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp oil 
1 tsp vanilla
3 eggs ~ room temperature

Cream together sugar, butter & vanilla till fluffy.  In separate bowl, mix together cocoa & oil.  Blend as well as you can.  Add cocoa mix into sugar mixture.  Cream together till blended.  Add in 1 egg at a time.  Refrigerate mousse for 2-4 hours before using/eating.

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