Sunday, May 1, 2011

Onion Tips

A little "Did You Know" on onions ... 

Vidalia onions are amazing! They have so much flavor.

Yellow onions frequently have lower sulfur levels than white ones do

Look for onions that feel dry and solid all over, with no soft spots or sprouts. The neck should be tightly closed and the outer skin should have a crackly feel and a shiny appearance. Onions should smell mild, even if their flavor is not. Avoid selecting onions with green areas or dark patches.

Pick your onions that appear to be heavy for their size. The skin should be dry and papery. There should be no soft spots of black spots, indicating mildew from moisture.

 When making soups or stews, dried diced onions are great.  They add the flavor of onion, but also are quick & easy.

Onions grown in soil with a high sulfur content will be harsher than ones grown in other types of soil. It's the sulfur in onions that causes the strong taste and makes your eyes water when you cut into it.

Purple/Red onions are prime onions for hamburgers.  They add so much flavor & a nice crisp texture. 

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