Monday, May 16, 2011

Raspberry Salad

This is also known as Pink Salad.  Every time we take this to a BBQ or something, it is gone with in seconds.  As you read the ingredients, you will probably think "This is just like the Mandarin Orange Salad."  You are correct.  The raspberry is just a nice change to it. This is my hubby's favorite jell-o salad.

Raspberry Salad
1 {16 oz} cool whip ~ thawed
2 bags frozen raspberries
2 small containers cottage cheese
1 large box raspberry jell-o

In a large mixing bowl, pour raspberry jell-o powder into bottom of bowl. Add in thawed cool whip and mix well.  Once mixed, add in cottage cheese & fold into cool whip.  Last, add in frozen raspberries and mix.  refrigerate for 1 hours before serving, so it can set up a little, but not necessary.

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