Thursday, May 5, 2011

Food Storage

I have recieved a couple emails about my food storage.  So here are the answers to those & a couple pictures showing what it looks like. 

How big is your storage?
  ~Not sure about the actual square footage, but who does know that?  It is in my laundry room.  My husband and I remodeled our laundry room & added a toy room off of it.  Then we designed some shelving that would be good for all the food storage.

How do you organize it all?
  ~When I but items for storage, I put the newest in the back.  That way I am sure to use all the older ones before expiring.  I also have it all grouped into sections.  Baking, Boxed, Canned, etc.

How often do you buy for your storage?
  ~I buy every month for food storage.  I don't buy huge lots every month, but I do buy a few things.  I am one that doesn't like to have a low storage. 

This is what you see right when you open the door to my laundry room.  All the shelving with my canning items, paper goods, cleaning products, canned/bottled items, etc.  The very top shelving {not shown} is holding my crock pot, canning pots, punch bowl, truffle dish, serving tier, etc.

Then off to your right, when you walk in there is this.
This is all my canned goods, baking items, boxed items, noodle, etc.  I will be honest ... don't judge me ...this is kind of low right now.  I usually have it more stocked than this.  Need to get on it!  Usually the items in my can rotator, are completely full.  L.O.V.E my can rotating racks! The top shelving of this {not shown} holds random things like, small bins, wrapping paper, gift bags, etc.

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Amanda said...

I'm jealous of how organized yours is!! I have been wanting those can holders as well.